Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Just a quickie before I leave for yet another China trip

Leaving on a jet plane... All my bags are packed and I'm standin' here outside your door. Well, not quite. Nothing is packed, but I'll have an hour tomorrow morning I guess, have to leave by 9.

So - just a few pics of two rainbow trouts we made last weekend. We discovered cedar planks, partly because we still have about 2000 sqft of cedar siding in our garage, courtesy of our contractor whose strength clearly wasn't math.... Untreated, so really good for BBQ as we recently discovered.

The trout were filled with parsley and lemon, salted and peppered, and then wrapped in bacon. We soaked the cedar plank in water for about an hour - that almost smelled better than the food I was preparing!

On the grill they went. You can see the fat of the bacon slowly leaching out. We had one flame-up, which we got in check with a water spray bottle pretty easy. They were on there for about 15 minutes, perhaps a bit longer just because our plank was so thick. The cedar will start smoking and put a great flavor into the fish, without generating carcinogenic compounds as you don't have any of the fat flaming up and burning onto the wood. It's also much easier to handle. You don't need to turn, the fish just slowly cooks to perfection.

We'll try chicken soon, but I first need to get that bag packed I think! See you at the other end of this trip, no access to blogspot while I'm gone!


  1. Nice! What a great way to use those planks. So are you gonna be keeping them then? Endless supply of planks for the next century or so :).
    The trout looks so yummy! I should try grilling with cedar planks, it's so hard to grill without getting it burned!

  2. I'm laughing here, we have a stock of cedar roofing shingles for the same reason. Not sure if they're treated, though, perhaps I'd better find out.

    Your trout looks just beautiful.

    Have a great trip!

  3. Yeah, I've thought about opening an eBay store for planks. I can beat everybody's price! Time for the siding to get out of our garage! Fish is much easier to do as it tends to disassemble when hubby tries to turn it!

    Will certainly enjoy the fun parts of the trip and report back!