Saturday, February 27, 2010

Mini tiered Cordon Rose Cheesecake

Eggs, eggs, eggs... What can I do with them? Bake! Michelle and Bill are coming over later, good excuse to do another wedding cake tasting! The second flavor of their cake will be a cheesecake. What am I saying, not any cheesecake, no, a Cordon Rose Cheesecake, straight out of Rose Beranbaum's Cake Bible, sandwiched between layers of biscuit. And since it's winter and we're in citrus season here, there'll be lots of citrus going on. Here is the decoration in progress, candied kumquat slices and a lemon rose:

I'm making the bisquit the lazy way, by beating the entire eggs and the sugar together in a waterbath. I seem to get better consistency with that method, and it saves quite a bit of time.... Looking forward to soon having an outlet close to my stove!

Add the sifted white whole wheat, starch, and brown butter and you're ready to go!

To add some excitement I decided to try a new decorating technique, a chocolate band / lattice that's wrapped around the cake. I covered the cake in white chocolate ganache, just to be safe, and then made the chocolate band. After 2 trials that ended in remelted chocolate I decided that it was good enough for my first trial. The top layer has the lattice, the bottom just a solid chocolate band.

Taste report will follow....


  1. Silke. Gorgeous cake. I really love the design. Your lemon rose is perfect! I love how many layers it has. I've tried it a couple of times but never got that many layers. Your friend is very lucky to have such an beautiful cake.

  2. Thanks Jenn! (My first comment, too!) It was a big lemon from a friend's backyard, so it was easy to cut a nice long strip of peel off it. Have to make several more chocolate band trials before I do the real thing in August!

  3. Oooo.. more chocolate band :). So will this be the final cake? I know you did the chocolate truffle oblivion with lacquer glaze as well. Are you making both flavor for the wedding?

  4. Yes - we'll become chocolate experts together! Though I looked in the Cake Bible again, and I think for the bottom layer I'll do an organic overlap look, no sharp edges, and then put it together out of a few pieces.

    Yep, the wedding cake will be oblivion - cheesecake - oblivion - cheesecake and if I feel like it a mini-oblivion on the top. The plan is that the oblivions get a dark chocolate band, and the cheesecakes a white chocolate band, and then I fill the void between the bands with raspberries and blueberries.

    I must be crazy!

  5. No, not crazy, I think it's awesome. You have made such beautiful test cakes, not just on the outside but even the inside layers are so perfectly straight. Plus, you've made wedding cakes before - I'm thinking of the one pictured as your avatar in Rose's forum. I am very curious to see what the final cake will look like. I have the utmost faith in you. Go Silke Go! :)