Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Beet Rösti, played with

And yet another Minimalist recipe that I love, and that I've made in many different versions - Mark Bittman's Beet Rosti. The original recipe (red beets, rosemary) is wonderful. It's super easy to prepare if you have a food processor with a blade - here it is before it goes in the pan. It doesn't look complicated to make, does it?

But I also play around with it. Often. I probably make one or another version of it every two weeks. Today's version was yellow beets (much more photogenic, though not as sweet) with parsley. You start the same way, peel and shred the beets, add salt, pepper, parsley and flour, toss. Then get a pan ready with some butter in it, and bake the pancake over medium heat for 10 minutes.

Now comes the only tricky part of the preparation - flip the pancake over on a flat plate or a lid.

Yum, can you see how nicely it's browned? Add a bit more butter to the pan, and carefully slide it from the lid back into the pan. Don't worry if it falls apart a bit, just push it together. 10 minutes later you'll have some very good tasting very healthy lunch or light dinner on your plate. Since hubby is here and hungry, I made a cheese omelette with it. (I should probably make an omelette blog entry. Ever since we watched Julie and Julia we're into omelettes. I've gotten pretty good with them!)

What other versions have I made?

  • Substitute one or two of the beets with a potato
  • Substitute one beet with some sweet potato or yam - a bit dangerous because the yams don't hold their shape very well, but still worth it.
  • Use carrots. Really good as well, well worth trying
  • Add some very finely minced shallot to give it some zing
  • And of course - play around with the herbs. Rosemary is nice, but I also love thyme, oregano, parsley and cilantro in it. 


  1. Looks yummy!
    And it's the cat's favorite too right?

  2. It's easy, it's good, and it's healthy. What more can you want?

    Oh, and I got a cat pic for you:


  3. LOL! What is he trying to get at? Is it the beets?
    I'm surprised he dare doing that in front of you. My cats are more sneaky, they only do what's not allowed when I'm not in the room!

  4. She's trying to get the leftovers of a steak... She does eat beets, though. Nice and sweet. Our boy usually just sits next to us and tries to get at something with his paw, very slowly and carefully. She on the other hand - she'll go for it if she can!