Saturday, July 17, 2010

How to make Beet Haters eat Beets

Here is the confession of the day: I was once a beet hater. Why, you say? Because the only way I knew them were pickled, out of a glass bought at the supermarket. Soggy, weird tasting, and very red. I hated beets. Until I walked past them one sunny morning at the farmers market. I asked the farmer what to do with them, and she said that she wrapped them in foil and baked them. Which I did that night. And which started my love affair with beets.

Fast forward: I'm back in Germany for two weeks, visiting the headquarters of the company I'm working for, for a super busy trip. But I grabbed some golden and candy cane beets before I came, and we made them yesterday. For my dad. Who is a beet hater. Of course he doesn't know that there are bright yellow beets, and red / white striped beets.

The salad was quick, inspired by Bitmann's last week. We grated the beets, added lemon juice, slightly reduced Balsamico, very nice olive oil, pepper, salt, and some parsley and basil.

We sold it to my dad as carrots and "turnips - dunno how it's called in German, never saw it before", and he loved it! He took seconds!

So - if you have a beet hater in the family, keep on trying...


  1. Mmmm, looks great! I wonder if it will win over reluctant nine year-olds?

  2. It looks like you didn't cook the beets, is that right? Just checking, I've made salads with beets before, but they were always cooked first. It would be great to use them raw and not have to heat up my kitchen.

  3. Yes, they were grated raw. Good luck, and report whether you succeeded :-)

  4. Very nice Silke! Julie, when it's cooler you should try roasting them as Silke said. It is the best way I think, the beets taste so sweet when it's roasted! The taste is similar to sweet corn.