Friday, April 9, 2010

My Brisket Recipe

When picking up my happy cow in January, I chatted with Joe Morris for a while about all the great food I'd made with it, and how it challenged me to try new meat cuts I'd never try otherwise. I had just made a brisket. No, not "a" brisket, but the first brisket of my life. I had a few friends over for dinner, and the meat pretty much evaporated off the plate - despite my hopes that there would be leftovers for hash the next day. So Joe asked me for the recipe, and I tried it again to be sure. And now it's in their newsletter! Here you go:

Sadly I didn't take pictures.... Sorry, will do the next time.

Regarding pictures, I attained sudden fame! Ok, not quite. The NYT had an article about people that photograph all their meals (I'm not that obsessed, I only take photos of pretty food I made...). And they asked people to submit their pictures. So I'm happy to report that the picture of my watermelon radish and the cucumber salad actually made it on their website:

And since I think a blog entry without a photo is a boring blog entry: Here is my kitchen as of last week- utter chaos!

Since then we've had the plumber and the electrician in, and now the drywaller is working his magic... One more week till the furniture is coming. Yeah!

And while not related to food, I thought I'd share this picture of my cat - excellent taste in beer I must say!

The beans are soaking, so stay tuned for Tahini Soup!


  1. Congrats Silke, you are famous now :). Those pictures are beautiful.
    Oh my what are they doing to your kitchen :)). I'm sure it will be fabulous when it's done. The cat picture is really funny.

  2. Haha! I think I'm pretty famous - well known - almost the only woman in my professional world. But not in the food world. :-(

    My kitchen - I hope it'll be good. We got rid of a wall to open it up to the living / dining room and to get more light.

    That cat is crazy for beer. It's really bad when we have visitors and they leave their beer bottles unsupervised.

  3. Oh Silke! Your cat is just too funny! Does it get tipsy when guests are around? Can I borrow the cat for my next get-together?

    Congratulations on having both recipe and pictures published, well done.

  4. You can totally borrow that cat, but be aware she also drinks your coffee and steals your steaks. Quite misbehaved. Must be a problem with the parents not being strict enough.

  5. Steaks and coffee, too? Must be the family, she's as much a gourmand as the rest of you!

  6. Oh, she eats pretty much everything, not a very discerning taste. Potato peels and beets and bread and edamame and of course cheese and butter and pate (which really looks like catfood, really).... The worst one was when I forgot chicken liver on the counter. Raw. Can you imagine the blood bath I came back to?