Thursday, April 29, 2010

Real Food

Hector's post on Rose's Forum got me thinking today. What is real food? Here is my real food:

What's different about these eggs? First off, they are not all the same color, nor the same size, and they taste delicious. But the main point is: I know where they come from. I saw the hens that laid them today, and I saw the ones that will lay them in a few months:


And they all looked as happy as hens can look like, they had their beaks, and they were making quite the ruckus. And tomorrow, when the ground has dried a little bit they'll be moved onto fresh grass. How do I know that? I talked to Karin Sinclair, my farmer, who raises them. And the lamb that I eat, and the chickens that I eat.

You can't do that because you live in a big city? I'm a city girl, I live in Silicon Valley. Yes, it takes planning, but chances are that there is a farmers market in your vicinity. Can't go to the farmers market? Check out and find a farm near you. Yes, the eggs and the meat are more expensive than what you get at Costco. But if you have any doubts that it's worth it watch Food Inc. And chances are, it's probably still cheaper if you go out and eat.

You can't do that because you can't cook? It's really easy. Take small steps. Watch the Food Channel, or look for easy recipes online. Here perhaps? Follow the instructions - in the beginning. Then start experimenting. It's worth it. It's so much better than the stuff you buy in jars or in the microwave trays. And it's good for you, and it's good for your kids.

You can't do that because you have no time? I was working a 60 hour a week minimum job for many many years, with crazy travel schedules. And what did I do when I came home? I cooked. It's time so much better spent than time in front of a TV. Cook, it can be something quick and easy, and then sit down, with a glass of wine if that's your thing, and enjoy it.

Ok, I'll get off my soapbox now because I have to cook something that these guys helped create. Stay tuned.


  1. I too purchase eggs and chickens from Sinclair Family Farms, top quality items that are fresh. It is something to actually know where your food really comes from, what is it truly fed! Most importantly to support local agriculture and deal with honest people like the Sinclairs! J White-Keeler, Foresthill, CA

  2. Silke - I watched Food Inc last month. Boy, I was glad I am eating real food. I don't want to eat out but also want to cook everyday. So my solution: I cook on Sunday for the entire week's lunch.
    I guess the problem with some people is that they don't like to cook, which is sad because if they've are used to eating good home cook meal, they wouldn't want to eat processed food anymore.

  3. Food Inc turned my husband from a bystander that enjoyed my food but didn't particularly care where the food was coming from into somebody that now talks our friends into eating real food. Amazing.

    Cooking is therapy for me, so my after work routine is gym first, then kitchen. Enables me to leave everything behind. Of course I have it easy, I only have two cats, no kids....

  4. I tried to get my friends to see the movie. They don't want to, saying that they'd rather not know. I think for most people the main objection is $, real food cost more.
    I find cooking therapeutic too, even washing dishes sometimes feels good! :)

  5. Yes and no, if you want a pound of meat every day then yes, but why not also change what you eat a little bit? I also make a lot of soups and stir fried veggie dishes. And just supplement it with little, but really good meat? Had it been the two of us we would have had a bigger salad and only two of the lamb chops each. Of course I don't have to feed teenagers, but I think they'd just get lots of bread - LOL!

  6. Exactly! It's not good to eat too much meat anyway. At least that's what the articles I read said. Our dinner most nights are fresh salad, tomatoes, with some bread and cheese. No fancy dressing, only salt, olive oil, and lemon juice. Might sound boring to most people but in fact I look forward to it every night. My body is so used to it that it craves it.
    Teenagers - probably lots of bread or better yet, home made pasta!

  7. I get my eggs and chicken from Sinclair Farms. Wonderful healthy food. We've been locavores for a couple of years. Can't go back to the other way. Reading "The Omnivore's Dilemma" was enough to convince me. I didn't need to see "Food,Inc"

  8. Hi country girl - I agree, Omnivore's Dilemma is great, as is Fast Food Nation, as are many other books, but many people aren't into reading, and for them I think Food Inc. is a great eye opener.