Monday, April 12, 2010

Orange Salad and Eye of Round

Finally meat again! One of the packages in my freezer read "Eye of Round". I had pushed it backwards and downwards, and finally everything in front and on top had disappeared, and there was no more excuse. Everything I found about it read "tough" and "marinate forever" and "really tough".

Hmmmm.... I took it out, and it was a beautiful piece of meat, though yes, it did feel tough. And no fat..... I decided to give it my mustard and salt treatment - lots of mustard, lots of salt, some pepper - and let it sit in the fridge for 24 hours before barbecuing it.

Fast forward to the next day. Inspired by the New York Times (do I sound like a broken record?) I decided a Moroccan orange salad would work great with it. In addition to oranges, a green and a red chile and black cured dried olives I put in some minced dates as well as coarsely chopped walnuts.

Add lime juice and good olive oil, toss, let the flavors mingle for a little, and then you're ready.

The meat was on the barbie until it reached 150F, mainly because I was nervous about it being too tough to eat less cooked. We should have probably taken it off once it reached 140, but it came out great, very very tasty, a tiny little tough, but great beef flavor.

What's the lesson of the day? If life hands you oranges turn them into a savory side salad, if you have meat you're afraid of tackle it.

That being said - I should rename the blog: I just bought a quarter heritage pig. We'll get it next week. I'm sharing a half with a friend, and we'll embark on a Prosciutto making adventure. And I'll keep you posted as to what's happening with the remainder of the pig of course!


  1. That piece of meat looks beautiful. Love proscuitto! I'm looking forward to hearing about your adventure there.

  2. It was great. And it worked extremely well with the orange salad. Which I think was better than the only oranges and olives recipe in the NYT. Though I think the next time I have an eye of round I'll cut it into steaks.
    I was hoping to post my high altitude bread today but won't make it till Thursday or Friday. The dough is sitting in the fridge.... Will only get better...

    Prosciutto: Yep, it'll be interesting. My friend is going to do the initial processing as he'll pick it up right after it gets butchered. And then it'll have to hang and dry for 5 months min, up to a year. So much patience required!

  3. No wonder prosciutto is expensive! Makes sense that it takes 5 months as it is cured meat. I wonder if bacon is similar?
    I took a cheesemaking class last year. It was really interesting. Was going to start making my own cheese. Then life got busy and between baking/cooking/working, I haven't gotten around to making cheese (notice how I put working last *grin*).
    Oh well, it's still in the back of my mind, maybe someday I'll have more time and can actually do it.

  4. Looking forward to the pork, and the orange salad sounds just lovely! I'm inviting myself to your house for dinner :)

    I use eye of round sometimes because it's cheap and healthy, but yes, it needs plenty of marinating, thin slicing and it needs to be rare-ish.

  5. I'm a bit scared of the pork, it comes complete with skin and head and trotters - LOL!

    Dinner? Sure! Once the kitchen is done.... May be a bit of a long drive, though!

    Can't feed hubby rare-ish, he'll freak out. Could have been done a little less but it was actually really good.

  6. That meat looks great! Love the idea of using mustard with it and must try that! Thanks!

  7. Pam - I also use that on lamb, it's really good. There is a March post that's about lamb shoulder steaks which I did with mustard and herbs. The mustard gives a great flavor and helps soften the meat a little.